T.G.I.F. Style Mudslides & Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American

When I sat down to think about what this album felt like, what it exuded from a food perspective, it took me back to high school. Perhaps because this album played non-stop during those years and also, if you think about the biggest song from this album The Middle, it was all about high school. My […]

Bagel Bites & Third Eye Blind

Cue the 90s! I am really excited to be going to the Third Eye Blind/Jimmy Eat World concert this summer. Summer Gods Tour 2019. Who wants to go with me? 3eb holds a special place in my heart. This album comes on and high school memories come flooding back. High school was something that I […]

Beer Marinated Flat Iron Steak Tacos & The Thread That Keeps Us

Do you grill in the winter? Its not quite a favorite past time of mine but its definitely up there. Sharing a grill with the rest of the apartment in the summer is a feat, in the winter, its all mine. I can reliably count  on the propane tank lasting all winter long, the grill […]

Blue Majik Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls) & Lazaretto

Is anyone else fascinated with the enigma that is the incredibly talented, unique and also vinyl record loving, Jack White? Everything I read, hear or seek out about him and Third Man Records adds layers to this idea of who he is in mu head and each new piece of insight is just as fascinating […]