What is Licorice Pizza Pie?

Licorice Pizza Pie is a blog devoted to delicious, home cooked food with an ear towards vinyl records. I pair a vinyl record with the dish that I want to cook while listening to said album. Delicious food and music are the two things that separately and unitedly bring us together. Sharing a meal with friends and family is one of the truest forms of love we practice daily. If I haven’t told you I love you, but I have made you a meal in my kitchen, then I said those three little words to you when you sat at my table. It most likely was not romantic love, I’m good in that department, but it was most certainly love.


What is a Licorice Pizza?

When I was about 6, laying on the floor listening to the song “Lemon Tree” by Peter, Paul and Mary, my Dad told me that long playing records were also known as licorice pizza. I think I’ve loved vinyl ever since then. Anything that has a nickname of food is good in my book.

In the vinyl world, there is some argument as to where the phrase originated. Some say it was from an Abbott and Costello routine where they could not sell records and said, “we could put some corn meal on ‘em and sell them as licorice pizzas.” Others say from a Bud and Travis 60’s folk song album which has a similar punch line. There was also a famous record store in SoCal called Licorice Pizza which closed in 1986. Just like I believe from scratch food sets the bar for deliciousness, vinyl records set the bar for a high quality listening experience.

I will be sharing recipes from my kitchen intended for well-seasoned cooks (pun intended) and those still exploring the kitchen. For each recipe, the currently playing album or record will also make an appearance. Each record will reflect some emotion or essence I feel is in the food itself. Aside from this, there will be minimal additional music commentary.

Think about the best food memory you have. Was there music in the background? What about the experiences leading up to this food memory? In the catalog of my food memories, music contributes to many of these. If there is silence in my kitchen, it means something may have gone terribly wrong.


About Erica

Licorice Pizza Pie is finally here! I have been talking and thinking about starting a food blog for years. Delicious food is such a part of my life, I chose my profession around it. As a Registered Dietitian, food is always on my mind. However this does not mean this blog is devoted to healthy food, low fat food or anything similar. Food should be celebrated, enjoyed and played with. Entirely ‘healthy’ food does not usually follow those guidelines. I am eating all of the food that I cook, so it will be nourishing and nutritious and follow something I believe wholeheartedly. Everything in moderation. Sometimes that means including moderation!

Vinyl records have been in my life for the past 25 years or more. I started collecting when I was 11. Vinyl has an incredible sound and I love how intentionally you have to listen to them – active listening!

I was an Air Force child growing up and was fortunate enough to have lived in Tokyo, Japan during my middle and high school years. Being surrounded by this meticulous, wondrous culture whom innately put 100% into everything, especially their cooking, wove a love of food through every fiber in my being. I hope that I can share that love with you through LPP and through the recipes we cook together.

Do you love my Logo? I do! My incredibly talented brother designed it. He does do freelance work and can be found here.