Summer’s Bounty Frittata & Nothing More To Say

Seattle is smoky currently. The smoke is so thick that you can’t see Mt. Rainier and you almost can’t see West Seattle from downtown. If feels very post-apocalyptic or dystopian. Sort of like what I expect our future skies will look like with 45 still in charge. Last night you could see the smoke underneath […]

Arugula-Proscuitto Pizza & Closing Time

By now I am sure you are convinced that I really only named my blog Licorice Pizza Pie for the pizza. I do thoroughly enjoy pizza. What isn’t there to love? Cheese, bread, savory sauce and toppings? but Really, the pizza part was convenient. A delicious convenience! A Proscuitto-Arugula pizza is also a delicious convenience. […]

Cavelstrano and Salami Pizza & Evolution

Ive hidden it from you guys for a whole year. Journey is potentially one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Perhaps I’m not even feeling guilty about it. Here’s why I love Journey: I love pure emotion in songs, I love ballads and there is an energy in 80’s music that I just don’t feel the […]

Roasted Vegetable Tarte Tatin & Another Thought

Every year, without fail, I mourn that the holidays are over. While taking down our Christmas ornaments, putting away the stockings and cleaning up pine needles, I go into a temporary funk that this most joyous time is over, again. Although I know it comes every year, I truly love the magic of Christmas, the […]

Orange Cardamom Shortbread & Blue

Christmas is only one week away. This season has flown this time around. It has always been and will always be my favorite time of year. The whole world seems to celebrate. Large Christmas trees adorn street corners or the insides of Seattle’s skyscrapers, Christmas music is a distinct addition to whole month of December […]