Frosted Chai-Spiced Sugar Cookies & Simply Christmas

When it comes to Christmas cookies and music, I tend to want the classics. The flavors that I only get to have once a year, sugar cookies with icing and decorations, butterballs, thumbprints and gingerbread. They almost taste like Christmas. Music for years has been very similar. Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, A Very Special Christmas […]

Traditional Butterballs & A Charlie Brown Christmas

I mentioned that I’m a Christmas ‘purist’, I also really love Christmas traditions. My family had so many things that were special and traditional around Christmas time, I really owe my love of Christmas to my parents. They crafted an incredible experience for us growing up centered around family, experiences that only happened at Christmas […]

Spiced Triple Ginger Cookies & Someday at Christmas

Christmas is one of my most anticipated times of the year. I look forward to the whole month of December, setting up the Christmas tree, the stockings and playing my Christmas vinyl. I’m a Christmas ‘purist’, I only play Christmas music during the month of December, I refuse to start any earlier. Mostly. The longer […]