Frosted Chai-Spiced Sugar Cookies & Simply Christmas

When it comes to Christmas cookies and music, I tend to want the classics. The flavors that I only get to have once a year, sugar cookies with icing and decorations, butterballs, thumbprints and gingerbread. They almost taste like Christmas. Music for years has been very similar. Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, A Very Special Christmas […]

Traditional Butterballs & A Charlie Brown Christmas

I mentioned that I’m a Christmas ‘purist’, I also really love Christmas traditions. My family had so many things that were special and traditional around Christmas time, I really owe my love of Christmas to my parents. They crafted an incredible experience for us growing up centered around family, experiences that only happened at Christmas […]

Spiced Triple Ginger Cookies & Someday at Christmas

Christmas is one of my most anticipated times of the year. I look forward to the whole month of December, setting up the Christmas tree, the stockings and playing my Christmas vinyl. I’m a Christmas ‘purist’, I only play Christmas music during the month of December, I refuse to start any earlier. Mostly. The longer […]

Not-too-sweet Cinnamon Rolls & The Belle Album

Weekends can primarily go either one of two ways come Saturday morning. They can be wonderfully productive, filled with yummy things like laundry, top to bottom house cleanings and meal prep for the upcoming week. The other way they can go is to turn into mini vacations where it feels like every moment with your […]