Arugula-Proscuitto Pizza & Closing Time

By now I am sure you are convinced that I really only named my blog Licorice Pizza Pie for the pizza. I do thoroughly enjoy pizza. What isn’t there to love? Cheese, bread, savory sauce and toppings? but Really, the pizza part was convenient. A delicious convenience! A Proscuitto-Arugula pizza is also a delicious convenience. […]

Shiitake Mushroom and Baby Kale Calzone & Unorthodox Jukebox

When is the last time you saw a Calzone? Perhaps at that old school Italian (pronounced Eye-talian) restaurant years ago? I feel like you never see them anymore. In the cold, damp winter of Seattle, I have fallen in love with calzones again. Soups too but soups dont travel as well and don’t hold heat […]

Cavelstrano and Salami Pizza & Evolution

Ive hidden it from you guys for a whole year. Journey is potentially one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Perhaps I’m not even feeling guilty about it. Here’s why I love Journey: I love pure emotion in songs, I love ballads and there is an energy in 80’s music that I just don’t feel the […]

Pizza Arrabiata & The Flaming Lips

Licorice Pizza Pie is ONE year old! In honor of my blogs birthday Im going to post in a similar style to the way I launched. Five posts in one day. Are you ready? To start off, I’m recreating one of the most delicious pizzas Ive ever had. For our fifth anniversary, my partner and […]

Grilled Garlic Scape Pizza & In Colour

It is amazing to me how we divvy up our lives. Seasons, months, workdays, weekends, breakfast time, happy hour, vacation etc. Despite this, none of these slow the march of time. In fact, it feels to me that these divisions almost cause time to feel as if it has progressed faster. How often are you […]