Shrimp Poke Bowl & Best of the Beach Boys

I am itching, craving, crawling out of my skin, ready for warmth and summer. Seattle has not gotten above 65 since last September and we have had record breaking days of rain. Yes, I know Seattle is rainy, I wasn’t delusional when I moved here. I actually don’t think it is the rain that is […]

Grilled Salmon with Chimichurri Collard Greens & A Moon Shaped Pool

It has been two things very recently for me. Summer (obviously not just for me) and moving time. I finally completed my move this past week, thus the long time between blog posts. Hopefully you were still eating delicious food and taking deep dives into vinyl albums. This week’s post is a quick dinner idea […]

Shrimp and Grits & Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

If you have not heard Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, press play this instant. Also, if you have never had Shrimp and Grits, then head to your nearest grocery store and buy the ingredients! Now I know a band that just released their first album less than a year ago cannot technically be considered […]