Smoked Salmon Brunch Salad & Me Myself I

Me Myself I has been a very recent find on vinyl for me and I wish I had experienced this album earlier. I know Joan Armatrading’s song Weakness in Me and thoroughly enjoy it but for some reason never explored Joan as an artist. (Melissa Etheridge has covered the song, maybe you know that version?) This album fits so well into my life right now. The first song is such a powerful proclamation of being alone and reveling in it! I have been going through some of that reveling recently. Me Myself I only increased that enjoyment. I think one aspect of the album that really hits home however is the contrast between the first track, Me Myself I and the last track, I Need You. Obviously the titles speak pretty clearly but the lyrics do as well. The album opens with “I sit here by myself/ and you know I love it” and ends with “You know I need you/ but now I need you.” If that isn’t how life goes in terms of the ebb and flow in our search to find someone to share our days with, then I’m not sure what is. Joan Armatrading, for me, has beautifully captured the roller coaster that we go through both in being alone, in a partnership and the need most of us feel for someone. The contrast between the opening lyrics and the closing lyrics are part of the reason I enjoy vinyl so much. I fully believe that albums are crafted carefully to create a story, convey a series of emotions or even capture a snapshot of time. While listening to songs individually still allow this to happen listening to an album from the first track to the last track, as the artist intended it, help us to experience this fully. Listening to the album on shuffle or even as part of a playlist, can make it so that we miss this craft.

Not surprisingly, I feel the same way about food! When a plate arrives, the chef has carefully chosen every item on the plate so that is it working jointly to change your world. You can taste only a portion of the plate but often if we manage to get all of the flavors into one bite, then the dish sings! One of my friends used to call this a “perfect bite” and every time she would eat, she would craft this bite on her fork. I find myself doing this now, especially with the first and last bite of food. If you think about the food we cook at home, one above all sticks out in my mind that crafting each ingredient makes or breaks the dish. Salads. If one ingredient isn’t there or  if it isn’t a optimal ratio, then the salad is often disappointing. How much better do salads taste at restaurants or when someone else makes them? No more! I present to you a carefully crafted brunch salad! Each ingredient adds some flavor or crunch that jointly make eating a salad for breakfast or bunch easy. Given that summer is around the corner, I have been craving lighter, less heavy foods. This fit the bill for me perfectly.


Vinyl: Joan Armatrading – Me Myself I 



Smoked Salmon Brunch Salad & Me Myself I 

Prep Time – 15 minutes

Total Time – 15 minutes

Serves approx. 1



o 1 tbsp of olive oil

o 1 tbsp of lemon juice

o 1 tsp capers

o 2 radishes, thinly sliced

o 1 medium tomato, sliced

o 1 shallot, thinly sliced

o 2 cups of mixed greens

o 1/2 cup of microgreens or sprout

o dash of pepper

o dash of salt

o 2 oz smoked salmon (troll caught and wild, if able, I used a local company, Loki Fish Co. )

o 3 ak-mak or whole grain crackers

o 1/2 oz of American neufchâtel (the French kind is delicious but quite different!)




  1. Prepare your mise en place! While I think this facilitates cooking in general, it is crucial for salads! Otherwise I find I leave out an ingredient or forget to use something I intended to. Are all your ingredients out and prepped?
  2. Pour the olive oil into a bowl and add the lemon juice, capers, shallots and radishes. Mix well. Toss the mixed greens with the microgreens and pour the olive oil caper mixture over. Toss to coat. Plate your salad. Place the tomatoes on top and then the smoked salmon. Add salt and pepper as needed.
  3. Spread the American neufchâtel on the ak-mak and lay them lovingly next to your salad.
  4. Dig in!


If you have noticed, I always have a glass of wine, beer or a cocktail next to all of my food at LPP and brunch felt like it was lacking something without a glass next to it. Do you know what works wonders if you are looking for something to elevate a meal that is alcohol free? (or if it is too early in the day!). Infused waters. They make me feel like I am classy as all get out. So I infused my sparkling mineral water with raspberries and lemon for this salad.

Will this satisfy your craving for a lox and bagel? Possibly. It depends what part of the lox and bagel you are really craving! But for me, this met my slightly salty food desire (capers), the smoked salmon need and the creaminess of cream cheese (neufchâtel on the crackers!).

If you are looking for good quality lox or smoked salmon, check  out The coloring on the fish was beautiful as was the flavor.

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